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Meaning of Anime

 Anime is Japanese animation that is drawn by hand or using computer technology. The word anime means "animation" in English, which refers to all types of animation. Outside Japan, this term is specifically used to describe any animation produced in Japan. However, it is possible that the anime can be produced outside of Japan. Some experts argue that anime is a new form of orientalism.

The first anime to achieve generalized popularity was the Astro Boy of Osamu Tezuka in 1963. Today, anime is much more developed than the anime of the past. With graphics that have been developed for a more interesting and exciting story. [Mecouragement required] The Japanese are very enthusiastic about seeing anime and reading manga. Of children to adults. They consider anime as part of their life. This has made several cable televisions famous for their cartoon movies, such as the cartoon network and Nickelodeon, which export their cartoons. Now the anime is a lucrative business for all, and many people are taking advantage of this to commit crimes. Anime creators are called animators. The animators work in a study to produce an anime. Inside the study, there are several animators who work together to produce an anime of quality. But, unfortunately, the salary of animators is small compared to his hard work. This causes the animators to be reluctant to work professionally. They feel that it is not worth the effort they have put. These animators are often called "shadow artists". Because they work as an artist who tries to present the elements of history and his intrinsic elements.

Piracy also makes it difficult for animators to take full advantage of their hard work, although there are also "gossip" that say there are anime producers who distribute their work out of official commercial channels (perhaps free or pirated) to more popularize. the results. his work.

Not some people who go to Japan learn about how to encourage (and manga of course) because they are interested after seeing several animes that have spread to several corners of the world on several continents. [Quote Needed] There are also parties that do similar works or may even imitate the characteristics of anime, for example, Korea and other Asian countries.

The CG technology (computer graphics), the visual technology of computers, etc., and so on, has made it easier to make anime today because some think that the artistic quality is lower than the anime of the past. It is only worth noting that the quality of the image is now even more pleasant for the eye and easier to understand because the images are more proportional and the colors are better, in addition to the presence of HD technology.

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