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Watch Boruto Episode 211 Anime In English Subbed : release date

Welcome pillow friends, let's watch Anime Boruto Episode 211 English Subbed which is getting more exciting, which continues the story in the previous episode, namely the anime Boruto episode 210

Friends cancel everything if you still ask when Boruto Anime will be released? Mimin wants to tell you first, the Boruto manga releases on Sundays every week. So don't forget to read only at mukabantal.com

Next, we will discuss the storyline of Anime Boruto eps 211 this time or give a little spoiler so that pillow friends might be able to treat your curiosity for the upcoming episode.

Watch Boruto Episode 211 Anime in English Sub

Watch Boruto Episode 211 Anime English

Spoiler Anime Boruto Episode 211 eng sub

Episode 211 Title of Boruto: ""

Kawaki recalled the terror of the unusual phenomenon that had just occurred within Boruto and himself.

Kawaki actually experienced how Karma itself was a greater danger than he had previously anticipated.

With Kara keeping an eye on them, he begins to feel that Konoha Village may be in a dangerous situation.

Until now, everyone in the Uzumaki family was considerate and kind to him.

In addition, he also hangs out with his other friends in the village.

Kawaki became doubtful and worried about getting them involved in a more dangerous incident.

As he kept thinking about the matter, he happened to see Himawari who was acting strangely.

What happened to Himawari?

Despite having made contact with Delta and Jigen, Konoha Village was unable to obtain many details about their organization.

The Kara member Boruto and others have just fought, Boro is confirmed as the founder of a sect that plans to use the jutsu of the Otsutsuki clan, Mugen Tsukuyomi to provide safety to members of his own religious organization.

To investigate possible links between the group and Kara, Konohamaru and Sai embark on an infiltration mission to gain access to the religious organization.

They then met a woman who said that members, like her sister, were finally able to return home from the sect for the first time in years after serving Boro.

But somehow, the little sister still couldn't go home.

What do you think happened to him?

What was the excitement like in the episode Boruto eps 211 ?

Well, definitely curious, right, what will the story look like? Without further ado, let's immediately watch the Boruto Episode 209 Anime below.

Boruto Anime Info:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a manga written by Kodachi and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto from Japan.

This manga tells the story of a spin-off and a sequel to the previous manga by Masashi Kishimoto, namely Naruto, this manga tells the life of the son of Naruto Uzumaki, Boruto Uzumaki, and friends.

This manga makes a series like its predecessor, the Naruto manga. Initially the Boruto manga was taught by Shueisha to Kishimoto to make a sequel to Naruto. However, Kishimoto did not agree to this offer and his assistant, Mikio Ikemoto, drew it while the writer of the film Boruto himself was Kodachi.

Kodachi anime adaptation of Boruto with Kishimoto. The Boruto manga, directed by Noriyuki Abe, is adapted from an anime that aired on TV Tokyo since April 5, 2017. Unlike the manga - which retells the moments in the Boruto film, the anime adaptation of Boruto acts as a prequel story set before Boruto and friends become ninja in the next arc. This series of easy novels for manga has already been written.

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Release Watch Boruto Ep 211 :

Boruto Ep 211 will be released and can be watched on Sunday 15 August 2021

To Watch Anime Boruto episode 211 will be released on August 22, 2021, to get updates about the latest Boruto Anime episodes, visit mukabantal.com

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Boruto Episode 211 Anime In English Subbed : release date