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One Punch Man Manga Chapter 148 Subtitle Indonesia : Release Date

Welcome pillow friends, let's read Manga One Punch Man Chapter 148 in English

Friends cancel everything if you still ask when One Punch Man Manga will be released? Mimin wants to tell you first, there is no definite answer for One Punch Man Manga to be released on what date each month. So don't forget to read the link only on mukabantal.com
One Punch Man Manga Chapter 148 Subtitle Indonesia : Release Date

Synopsis One Punch Man Manga Chapter 148

One Punch Man is an anime series adapted from a manga entitled One Punch Man by Yusuk Murata.

One-Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, a boy who is obsessed with being a hero.

The series produced by Madhouse made its debut on Japanese Television Stations in October 2015.

In order to pursue his childhood dream, he underwent three years of continuous training without stopping.

Despite all his sacrifices, Saitama managed to become an invincible hero.

Losing hair and going bald are the risks of his training process to become a hero.

Amazingly, Saitama can defeat all his enemies in one hit.

However, becoming the strongest hero, now in reality does not make Saitama feel happy, even though that is his goal.

Saitama actually felt very bored because he could no longer feel the feeling of struggle due to his invincible abilities.

Worse still, his life as a hero turns useless because he doesn't feel respected anymore.

However, his life changes slowly again after the arrival of Gene, a 19-year-old cyborg who forces him in various ways so that he is adopted by Saitama to be his student.

Geno suggested that the two join the Hero Association.

In this way, your skills and contributions will be recognized by the community.

Saitama agrees with Gene after realizing that his name is completely unknown.

From there, Saitama's adventures in search of happiness and start the recognition of society.

If you're curious about the full story, check out Serialone Punch Man via VIU's ServiceTreaming.

Link Read One Punch Man Manga Chapter 148

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